Using Nuedexta To Treat ALS

With 30,000 patients in the US, ALS has become a condition that has been and is studied vigorously.

Researchers are hoping to come up with stronger treatments to prolong the lifespan of those with it. This is where Nuedexta has come into the picture as a viable medical treatment to help treat the condition and help manage underlying symptoms associated with ALS.

Does it do a good job of treating ALS?

This read will take a look at Nuedexta, ALS, and the benefits of this drug for those who are using it.

What Is ALS?

Let’s start by looking at the medical condition before analyzing the potency of Nuedexta as a treatment.

ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a condition where the body starts to see a degeneration of nerve cells leading to progressive neuromuscular disease. The nerves in the body stop sending signals to the muscles. This leads to the muscles either functioning inefficiently or simply not functioning at all.

Most patients notice an inability to use their muscles voluntary with a progressive development of weakness.

Patients who suffer from ALS do not display signs of lost vision, hearing, bowel/bladder dysfunction, and lost intellectual reasoning. Various treatments are used to handle the severity of symptoms and to slow down the progressive degeneration in one’s muscles.

Defining Nuedexta

This prescription drug is an FDA approved treatment.

It’s been used for PBA (PseudoBulbar Affect) where a patient deals with sudden or involuntary neurologic problems (i.e. crying or laughing randomly). These can occur due to a variety of causes and Nuedexta has been used as a solution for treating ALS in patients.

This treatment is used to help with all involuntary concerns and has been cited as a reliable solution.

Benefits of Nuedexta

1) Helps Control Neurological Impulses

The primary benefit comes from its ability to help manage or control neurological impulses.

Remember, it was created to help with PBA but has over time been used to assist with ALS too. It can find the correlation between those impulses and make sure the body is not causing sudden or involuntary movements. As a person starts to see their muscle degenerate, it is important to have this level of control at all times.

Nuedexta can assist with this and brings the amount of control a patient is in search of with ALS.

2) Provides Consistency

According to ALS patients, Nuedexta is a powerful treatment because it provides consistent results. It doesn’t lead to significant side effects and is easy to consume.

Patients who are suffering from ALS can rely on the medication to work as described and help treat the progressive degeneration of their muscles.

3) Easy to Consume

With this treatment, Nuedexta is an “easy to consume” medication for ALS patients. It doesn’t have drawn-out requirements and can be consumed orally. This is ideal for patients who are dealing with progressive neuromuscular degeneration and require a seamless solution.

With these pills, it is easy to take them on a daily basis to see appropriate results.

Nuedexta is also cited as being a solution that’s manageable in the long-term and will provide consistent results according to clinical trials.

Test Results

What does Nuedexta do for those who are dealing with neurological concerns?

In general, clinical studies have shown Nuedexta can reduce the impact of one’s symptoms by over 44% in some cases. While the results are staggered, a consistent drop is seen in the severity of the symptoms and how the progressive degeneration takes place.

This makes it a viable treatment for patients who are suffering from ALS.

The test results also showed 19% seeing placebo results while a larger 44% was seeing appropriate results from the Nuedexta group. This is a rigorous treatment that has garnered positive attention among medical professionals.

These are the reasons Nuedexta is a prescribed treatment for ALS and is combined with several other medications to provide an all-encompassing treatment. For patients who are suffering from ALS and wish to seek this assistance, please speak with a medical professional to garner their opinion on the matter.

It is a prescribed drug and has to be written by a medical professional before it is purchased.