Interesting Pilates Facts You May Not Know

Although Pilates was developed in the early 20th century, it has gained tremendous popularity within the last decade or so. The world has seen numerous PilatesPal instructors in recent years with the immense popularity of the workout. If you want to get the maximum benefit from this form of exercise, you should know more about the exciting facts of Pilates. This article provides information on some of the unique points about Pilates.

Many people assume that Pilates is a derivative of yoga. But this is not true at all. In fact, Pilates is a system by itself which was developed by a physicist by the name of Joseph Pilates. The developer believed that both physical and mental health is interrelated. Hence, the workout was designed to enhance the physical as well as mental capabilities of the individual. The practice was initially allowed only for selected individuals in a highly specialized studio. The workout should be practiced precisely as instructed by the teacher. The method and apparatus play an essential part in perfecting the practice. In fact, Pilates and mats go hand in hand. In the earlier form of the workout, a lot of tables and chairs were used during the practice. But today, rollers, rotating disks, resistant bands, and exercise balls are mostly used for the training. Remember that a mat is your best friend when practicing Pilates today.

The exercise is all about precise movements of the limbs which demands a lot of concentration. In fact, the workout is designed on the premise that “the way the exercise is done is much more important than the exercise itself.” That is why the exercise regimen is also known as “Contrology.” The developer – Joseph Pilates – believed that whoever practiced the exercise should be in constant control of every movement. That is why the workout is known as Contrology. Experts say that it will result in enhanced muscular control of the limbs, back, and abdominal muscles of the body.

Pilates also involve slow breathing that pays attention to the proper breathing techniques. It allows to let out a lot of stress from the body. That is why any form of Pilates is not complete without conscious breathing in and out. If you are someone who strives for perfection in whatever you do, Pilates is for you. That is because the quality is more important than quantity when it comes to the workout. Every step needs to be taken in a precise manner – from breathing, movements, to the number of repetitions. That is why it is crucial that you learn Pilates under a highly qualified and experienced teacher or instructor. These are some of the interesting facts about Pilates – which is a useful workout both for the mind and body.

In conclusion, Pilates is becoming quite popular with a majority of exercise junkies in the recent years. It was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. The above read offers some interesting facts about Pilates.